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Art De Maison

Galit Shimoni Amran, third generation of tailors, soul and textile dreamer since childhood.

Grandfather David was considered the town tailor in the area of ​​the seventies.
Galit, as a little girl, was always in the home sewing workshop, touching and feeling the fabric,and knew for certain what she would do when she grew up.

Her mother, Lydia, continued on her father's path and to this day comes to our studio, working on the meticulous sewing.

Slowly, the plans were laid, until in 2005 the studio ART DE MAISON was opened.

In the studio, as befits its name, we see the design of the house as an art.

Here you will find comprehensive design solutions for every corner of the house.
Pillows, tablecloths, hangers, draperies, bedspreads, and anything else that you can think of.

The unique and European style of Galit will bring classical Europe to your home,but to match today's world with the latest and most up-to-date trends.

A classic and refined taste, the use of unique and unique fabrics,
imagination and vision that knows no boundaries and spatial spatial vision enable us to give your home the perfect design.

Galit makes sure to arrive at almost any exhibition in the textile industry, fly and bring to you fabrics that only in our studio you can find.

The ability to design any project in the field of fabrics awaits you right here - so come and come with us to the dream .

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טיפים לעיצוב מושלם


Decorative pillows and hot trend of home decor

One of the most important places in a person's life is his home.

We will always want to invest, change, improve and design so that we will be pleasant.

Sometimes it is enough to combine a few small elements to make them  The house more special



 The cushions are part of a unique statement in the field   Home styling

Home styling has become one of the most popular areas in recent   years. The idea is to make a makeover at home without breaking walls, but rather a kind of matching furniture, colors, textures and accessories



The cushions as a change of atmosphere

Thinking about how to add interest to home design and do not know how?

  Here at ART DE MAISON you will find solutions

Which will make your home even more pleasant and live and host.


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